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How to keep cold air out of a Window AC

During the winter months many people find cold air drafts seeping in from around their window AC units. Aside from being an unpleasant annoyance, the lack of sufficient insulation can dramatically drive-up heating expenses. There are a few terrible options people take to help alleviate this problem and one fantastic solution.

breeze stop

 If you can, safely remove the Window AC from the window

Many people have the luxury of removing the window AC unit from the window during the winter months and then re-installing it when the weather warms. This is a great option where it can be done safely. However, many people find they often need their AC unit at random times throughout the winter. In older buildings, many tenants don’t have control of their own heat, and often, landlords don’t allow tenants to remove and re-install the AC over safety concerns.

So, people have gotten innovative...

 Use Cardboard Boxes or Ugly Black Foam


Or towels 

Let’s face it, these might help (a bit), but they are not great solutions. So, we created Breeze Stop.

Try the Breeze Stop way


Breeze Stop surround Window AC insulation consists of insulating foam and vinyl designed to fit around a window AC unit to protect all the areas where cold air can seep in. All while trying to create a built-in look with an easy to clean surface. Here are some pictures:



Here are some pictures from customers:

 Before                                       After

keep cold out of window ac

A couple more 

window ac cover for winterwindow ac cover for winter


If you would like to purchase a Breeze Stop insulation kit, CLICK HERE.

And here is a video of how to install it, unfortunately (judging by the comments) it appears more people are interested in my choice of books for a straight edge than the actual insulation kit, but remember, there is more to life than Bitcoin!!!







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  • Robert on

    Installed one recently in my living room, right before the temps hit single digits. These actually work very well! I’ll be ordering some more for the second floor.

    Excellent design, well done!

  • Dave on

    Great product!

  • Rachel on

    Had a window AC that would make my apartment freezing in the winter i had a whole contraption that sorta worked but looked horrible and would keep falling stumbled upon this and its kinda awesome

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