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How to keep the heat out from around a Window AC

As the summer months approach it is time to unpack and install our beloved window AC units. As we do, we inevitably start thinking about how to keep the hot air from seeping in all around the plastic pull-out side panels. In addition to the discomfort, the heat and humidity that travels through the sides surrounding your AC can dramatically increase your AC bill - and the increased energy usage can be harmful to the environment. 

To solve the insulation issue, the current options are either the infamous DIY cardboard box option that usually looks something like this:

Or the towel option:

Or the black foam option that look something like this:

The problem with each of these three solutions is that they look awful and don't do the job!

There was just no good way to easily insulate around a Window AC unit!

So, after too many years of AC insulation issues, we decided we need a new solution that actually works. So we created Breeze Stop®. 

Breeze Stop surround window AC insulation is composed of three panels that form fit around the window AC and between the window frames:

Each panel is covered in a white vinyl designed to match indoor apartment walls. It is easy to clean and kinda gives the window AC a built-in to the wall look.


The top panel is designed to form fit over the the Window AC installation bar so that it provides real insulation. The panels stay in place by themselves but come with adhesive flaps in case you want to stick them down to your window AC.

Check it out!

If you want to give it a shot, just click here!

We hope you love it. 


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