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How to Insulate Your Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners, and the space around them, leak a lot of air into and out of your apartment. The numbers are staggering. In a study commissioned by the Urban Green Council, it was estimated that, in NYC alone, heat loss from room air conditioners results in costs of more than $150M per year in excess fuel!

If you are lucky enough to sleep near a window AC unit, the problem is much more personal. The heat and humidity in the summer, and the ice cold drafts in the winter, are enough to frizz even the straightest hair and penetrate the warmest blanket.  The available solutions, until now, have been cosmetically unappealing, hygienically gross, and totally inadequate to solve the problem.

Every roommate I have lived with had another “genius” solution. These included cardboard boxes, towels, and pieces of black foam that never stayed in place for long. The insulation was ugly, dirty, and usually didn’t work. The hot and cold air would somehow always manage to find its way in.


BreezeStop aimed to solve all three issues: provide good insulation, pleasing aesthetics, and a cleanable surface.

Our solution consists of two layers of form-fitting insulation.

The best way to insulate a window AC unit is as follows: Find a BreezeStop Window AC Insulation Kit. Watch a video to learn how to install it. Measure, cut-to-size, and enjoy.  The side panels protect the areas to the side of the AC unit. The top panel form-fits above the AC installation bar preventing air from leaking in around the top of the AC. The side panels and the top panel connect forming a slick built-in look.

The inward facing insulation layer is made from vinyl designed to match indoor apartment walls and easy to clean.

Our kits fit most window sizes but make sure to check your window isn't too big!

Check out how to install a Breeze Stop here:


Click here to purchase a Breeze Stop

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  • Jim Liston on

    Does the back have any sort of adhesive to stick to the – AC Unit/Wall/window Etc…

  • SJ on

    These instructions are far more complicated and confusing than they need to be. Can you pay $60 to a professional technical writer to clean it up? You’ll probably get dramatically fewer customer service requests and replacement orders/claims, and more first-time orders, repeat orders, social media UGC, positive reviews, word-of-mouth recos, etc.

  • The real Satoshi on

    Bought one cause the video had a bitcoin book as a straight edge. FWIW my ac looks so much better too lol

  • Jennifer Green on

    Window air conditioners offer a variety of benefits for your home, including reducing the risk of heat waves, keeping you comfortable during summer weather, and making your home more habitable in cold months. To maximize the benefits of your window air conditioner, be sure to Insulate Your Window air conditioners.

  • Wow on

    This is dope literally had towels lolll

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