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How to Insulate Your Window Air Conditioner

The wasted energy from the spaces surrounding window AC units is truly staggering. In a study titled There Are Holes In Our Walls, commissioned by the Urban Green Council, it was estimated that, in NYC alone, heat loss from room air conditioners results in costs of more than $150M per year in excess fuel!

However, if you are one of those unlucky enough to sleep near a window AC unit, the problem is much more personal. The heat and humidity that seep through in the summer months, and the cold drafts that blow in during the winter, are enough to frizz even the straightest hair and penetrate the warmest blanket.  The available solutions, until now, have been cosmetically unappealing, hygienically gross, and totally inadequate to solve the problem.

Everyone I have ever lived with has had a different “genius” solution. These included cardboard boxes, towels, and pieces of black foam that never seemed to stay in place for long.  Every solution had three things in common. It was ugly, dirty, and didn’t work. And the cold air would seep through all along the edges.

There are also various products available to cover the entire AC unit in the winter months, mostly consisting of material with an elastic band. The problem with these are threefold: they do a poor job of covering the AC unit itself, they completely ignore the side panels which account for most of the heat loss, and they are prohibitively ugly. As noted by the Urban Green Council in their report, “Unfortunately, these products only cover either the evaporator or condenser portion of the air conditioner unit and leave the accordion wings, where the majority of the air leakage occurs, completely open.”

BreezeStop aimed to solve all three issues: provide good insulation, pleasing aesthetics, and a cleanable surface.

Our solution consists of two layers of form-fitting insulation.

BreezeStop addresses all the places around a window AC unit where air leaks occur - the side panels, the area above the AC unit, and the areas above the side panels (often where the most air is lost). The top panel of the BreezeStop insulation kit is designed to form-fit above the AC installation bar and attach directly to the window pane, covering the “holes in the wall”.

The inward facing insulation layer is made from white vinyl which is designed to match indoor apartment walls and provides a more “built in” look for the AC unit. The vinyl covers the corrugated, impossible-to-clean, side panels and is easy to clean or even wallpaper.  The panels fit most windows (check for size) and can be cut for any size window AC unit.

Check out how to install the insulation here:


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    Great product! I sorta messed up the first one on one side cutting too small but it still looks thousand times better than before and it actually works thankkkksss

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