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Window AC Covers For The Winter

One of the greatest problems people have with Window AC units is the awful insulation surrounding the AC. In the summer months the poor insulation dramatically increases your AC bills and, in the winter,, it lets in freezing cold drafts that drive up heating costs. There are a few options to deal with these issues.

1. The first is to cover the AC with a plastic blanket like cover that is sold all over the internet.

The covers look something like this in the product pictures:

And like this when you install them:

The problem with these covers are manifold. Firstly, they are not an exact fit so they never end up looking like you would imagine they do glancing at the product photos. Secondly, they are made of an ugly plastic like bed sheet material that no one wants hanging in their living room. But most importantly, they don't help solve the main problem - almost all the cold air seeping through in the winter comes through the flimsy side panels and not the actual AC!

To solve the side panel issue, the current options are either the DIY cardboard box option - something like this:

Or the towel option:

Or the black foam option a bunch of companies sell that look something like this:

The problem with each of these three solutions is that they look awful and do not work. Just try them! 

So after too many years of sleeping near a window AC and trying all this nonsense, I decided we needed a real solution that actually works. So I created Breeze Stop. 

Breeze Stop surround window AC insulation is composed of three panels that form fit around the window AC and between the window frames:

Each panel is covered in a white vinyl designed to match indoor apartment walls. It is easy to clean and kind of gives the window AC a built-in to the wall look.


The top panel is designed to form fit over the the Window AC installation bar so that it actually provides real insulation. The panels should stay in place by themselves but come with adhesive flaps in case you want to stick it down to your AC.

Although, you might still want to cover the actual AC, you may realize just how much of the cold air comes through the sides instead of the AC itself. 

If you want to give it a shot, just click here!

We hope you love it. 


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