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The Best Way To Insulate A Window AC

If you haven't insulated the area surrounding your Window AC there is a good chance you are throwing loads of good money "out the window" in wasted electric bills and (depending who you ask) accelerating climate change. 

If you are one of those unlucky enough to sleep near a window AC unit, the problem is much more personal. The cold drafts in the winter, and excess heat and humidity in the summer, is reason enough to make you try something as crazy as this cardboard mess pictured below.  

Let's face it none of these solutions work or are remotely aesthetically tolerable... 

That is why we created BreezeStop, to provide the best in class insulation, with a pleasing aesthetic, and a cleanable surface.

Our solution consists of two layers of form-fitting insulation.

Check out one of our customers installing one in this short video:


Let us know what you think!


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  • Frank Porcelli on

    Your product insulates around the air conditioner, but wind blows through my air conditioner into my bedroom. How can I protect against that? Do you recommend a product that will work with your product to cover the A/C unit? Thank you.

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